We offer a range of accessories, depending upon the product range and model.

Below is a list of some of our more frequently requested product accessories. More are available, please refer to the literature you received with your product for more information, or alternative please contact us.

Delta-Star Supply Transformer

The optional delta-star supply transformer allows operation from 115V, 230V, 400V, and 440V 3 wire supplies, selected by a switch on the unit. An auxiliary single phase output is also provided to supply power to a DVS3 mk2 voltage source.


  • Input: 115V, 230V, 400V, 440V±10% 3 wire 3 phase 1500VA max
  • 3-φ output: 400V 4 wire 600VA 1 min on/15 min off
  • 1-φ output: 230V 300VA 5 min on/15 min off


  • Input: 115V, 230V, 400V, 440V±10% 3 wire 3 phase 4000VA max
  • 3-φ output: 400V 4 wire 3300VA 1 min on/15 min off | 400V 4 wire 1100VA continuous
  • 1-φ output: 230V 300VA 5 min on/15 min off | 230V 150VA continuous

DP20, DP40 Discharge Probes


  • For discharging high voltage cables after testing
    Earthing hook
  • Highly flexible, clear silicone covered earth cable
  • For use with the PT18-10 and PT30-10 cable test sets

ES30, ES50, ES100


  • For earthing high voltage connections
  • Highly flexible, clear silicone covered earth cable


High current output leadset for PCU1-SP



  • Forces test current to a sinusoid
  • Greatly improves timing accuracy when testing electromechanical relays
  • Wide range of test currents
  • High overload capability
  • 50/60Hz operating frequency
  • High efficiency
  • Current monitoring output
  • Compact and portable

RB10 Resistor Box


  • 0.5 ohms to 1666.5 ohms in 8 steps
  • Maximum current 0.2-10A
  • Improves current control into low impedance loads
  • Particularly suitable for solid state relays
  • Can be used as swamping impedance for non-linear loads
  • Thermal cut out

750ADM-AL Lead Set

Optional 750ADM-AL Lead Set specifications

A range of output leads are available to complement the 750ADM. The standard 750ADM-AL lead set is 3m long, recommended for use with a 230V Supply. A 1.5m lead set is also available, and is recommended when operating from a 115V supply. The leads consist of double insulated 95mm2 welding cable terminated in Dinse high current connectors at the 750ADM end and high current welding clamps at the load end.

A set of 5m long low current auxiliary and timer leads are also included with the 750ADM-AL lead set:

The standard 3m lead set weighs 9.8kg including high current leads, timer leads and case.

100/200ADM-AL Lead Set

Standard 100/200ADM-AL Lead Set specifications

The 100ADM and 200ADM-P are supplied with a 5m lead set consisting of:

2x5m long25mm100A leads terminated in M10 fork crimps

2x5m, 2×0.5m long 2.5mm25A leads terminated in retractable shroud 4mm plugs

1x5m 2 core 0.75mmtimer lead terminated in retractable shroud 4mm plugs

The lead set is supplied in a plastic carrying case.

Replacement lead sets may be ordered under the part number A199-0003.

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