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Z POWER ELECTRIC Provides durable products. Over the years, Z POWER ELECTRIC has built strong business relationships with numerous American, Europe, Australian manufacturers. This affords us the ability to pass saving and discounts to our customers.

Product Electrical

Product Instrument

Serving the electrical instrumentation industry. Z POWER ELECTRIC expanding our distribution program, we also have committed ourselves to the highest quality in the repair and calibration industry by becoming traceable to the NIST series of International Quality Standard.

Product Industrial Instrument

Product Safety

Z POWER ELECTRIC is focused on providing the highest quality personal protective equipment, safety related products, and safety training at the lowest possible cost. We have exceptional Customer Service Representatives who will assist you in making informed decisions and purchases that result in having the right product at the right time with cost savings.


Product Safety

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It is very easy to get in touch with us. Call us at (888) 329-5550 or write to us using the Contact Form.

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We offer Electrical, Industrial, and safety Products. For more details, check out our product line.

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